Friday, May 1, 2015


May musings...The month of May has such lovely "mothering" qualities.One cannot help but be in a happy mood when May appears...because there is just so many beautiful sights to behold...and to fill up your senses. Flowers...of all colors...sizes...shapes and scent abound...birds chirp everywhere...their songs carried on the gentle winds.The green grass that feels like velvet on your bare feet... butterflies gracefully floating by.The beauty and wonder of such a sensual experience...such magic for the human heart to capture and hold close.

May awakens the spirit...because how could you not feel a deep sense of nurturing...with life and its boundless beauty...bursting forth all around you? I could spend countless hours just walking the aisles of plant nurseries ...smelling and touching ...each plant...flower and tree...wanting to take them all home with me...and plant  in my own yards. And herbs of any kind...always draws my attention...they are such pretty little things...but I also know from healthy and good they are for culinary use in my kitchen...and so healing as natural medicine for my family.

The Earth and her gifts to me...stirs my soul.

The Native Americans call the Earth our Great Mother...or Mother Earth. Which to me is so very appropriate. The Earth is like a mother...caring...nurturing... providing and protection for her children. In the truest sense...the Earth keeps us a mother keeps her children alive.

I often wonder...and deeply anyone could not take care of our planet...when the Earth gives us so much beauty...and sustenance. And frankly...where all of us live.I suppose each one of us...just perhaps takes for granted the air we breathe... the water we drink.. the plants and animals that are provided for us from the we can eat...are just an endless service to humans. And what about the joy...the unlimited beauty of the natural world? Can't you see all this with your soul...and see what a gift the beauty of nature gives us all? Isn't it the right time that we all care.. nurture...and appreciate  with the deepest gratitude... everything the Earth gives all of we as humanity can thrive and live? I believe the also deserving of our respect...caring attention... and mothering too.

I know in your do too.

This month of May...with the tradition of Mother's Day celebrated throughout the the perfect begin a journey of caring more...of nurturing more...everything that truly matters...including this place that is your home...called Earth. Each one of us...needs to take a step back and see how automatic...and unbalanced we have become. We must never take .or nature for granted...always taking instead of giving back.

Be consciously...and walk softly on the back...taking care...and doing your part...for this beautiful planet we all call home.

Do it because it is the right thing to do.

Do it because the your home.

Take care,


May 1st...May Day...May 5th...Cinco de Mayo...May 10th...Mother's Day...May 25th...Memorial Day

FULL MOON ...May 3rd

FLOWERS... lily of the valley...rose



This is the month to nurture all life...which is a mothering quality. Also a very creative get into your own matter what that might be.


"Mist in May...heat in June
  Makes harvest come right soon"


May Day celebrations have their origins n the Roman festival of Flora...goddess of fruit and flowers which marked the beginning of Summer.


It just takes minutes...and mere pennies to make your own special herbal essential oil blends...and below is a recipe for a hand treatment.


1 drop pure Rose essential oil
1 teaspoon jojoba oil

Blend together in a small glass bowl...massage into hands. Keep extra a small bottle...with a lid and store in a cool...dry place.


Of course you will want to celebrate your own mom this Mother's Day...but how about starting a new tradition ...and honoring YOURSELF for all you do for your children?

Take yourself out to a nice lunch... see a movie...or give yourself the gift of a massage...or a facial.

Go for a walk in nature...a solo picnic or take that art or yoga class you have been wanting to take. Whatever you decide to it with the utmost self-love and self-care for YOU...for all you give each and every day to your family.


This Memorial Day May 25th...light a candle... and say a prayer of gratitude and blessings for all the women and men who have fallen...for our country. They so deserve to be acknowledged for all they sacrificed...including their lives.


Start a small herb garden this month...with herbs that are easily grown in your area. Purchase books or take a class so you can learn their culinary use...but also to clean your home...and use as a natural medicine. If you have children...please get them involved in this wonderful project too...they will learn so much about gardening...and respect nature this well as get outside and get some exercise. It can also be their job to go outside and clip herbs for your recipes...teaching them responsibility too.



Make your own scented natural dish soap first purchasing an organic natural liquid soap such as Seventh Generation...take the top off...and add about 20 drops of pure Lavender essential oil...put lid back on and shake well. This is such an economical way to have that lovely scent of Lavender in your dish soap for mere the Lavender oil kills bacteria as well.

*** Be sure to buy only pure essential oils...some oils carry other fillers and ingredients and you do
not want this.


Just about everyone loves a sweet treat...and this dessert uses fresh Rosemary...that adds such a great taste to this simple ice cream dessert.

Serves 4

3 ripe but firm bananas...peeled and halved crosswise and lengthwise
1/2 cup maple syrup
3 4-inch rosemary sprigs
vanilla ice cream
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
1/2 cup coarsely chopped toasted walnuts

Put the banana pieces in a skillet...and pour the maple syrup over them...and tuck the rosemary sprigs in between them. Bring the mixture to a low boil over medium heat and cook for about 1 minute. Turn the bananas over with 2 forks and cook for 30 seconds more. Scoop the ice cream into small bowls. Lift the bananas from the syrup with the 2 forks and lay pieces around each scoop of ice cream. Boil the syrup left in the pan for a minute or two until it thickens slightly...then swirl in the butter until it melts and is mixed. Use a fork to hold back the rosemary sprigs as you pour the sauce from the skillet over the bananas and ice cream. Sprinkle with the toasted walnuts. Enjoy!

***From the cookbook The Herbal Kitchen Cooking With Fragrance and Flavor by Jerry Traunfeld


If you are a yourself some flowers for Mother's Day...just because you are so worth honoring YOURSELF with this beautiful gift of fresh flowers.