Friday, July 3, 2015


Traditions practiced each year for certain holidays are a unique and valuable venue to help you grow and heal as a human being...and can mark your personal declaration to make positive changes in your life.

This July 4th...honor more personal freedom for yourself as a human holding this simple but empowering PERSONAL FREEDOM celebration.


SUPPLIES: pieces of proof container...matches

Take pieces of paper that you have cut...and your pen...and find a quiet time during your day to write down on the pieces of paper...all issues and patterns you have now...that keep you from having freedom in your own life. Some examples might be...your need to worry...being in debt...negative people in your in fear...etc. Just write them all down...without shame...or judging yourself.

When you are complete with this process...hold all your written pieces of paper in your hands...and say a blessing of release over them...a prayer...or any other message you want to communicate about your desire to release these issues or patterns from your you can claim more personal freedom for yourself. Set these aside in a private place until the evening.

At some point in the evening...when you feel it is time...go outside...with your matches and a fireproof container...and then place your pieces of written paper in the container...proclaim your personal freedom out loud and then set fire to your pieces of paper...watching the paper burn to ashes...and seeing these issues or patterns released from within you.

Remember that you must take the necessary action steps to create positive change in your life to gain your personal freedom...but this freedom celebration is a powerful create that change... and will set in motion your intentions.

Happy July 4th and freedom,

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


JULY musings... July is a month to focus and commit to one's goals...and so with great passion... I find myself this month wanting to dig deeper into my love of  fresh herbs...and the study of herbalism. I have always loved herbs...have grown them in my container garden...used them in my kitchen for my culinary well as for natural medicine...and soothing bath remedies...for many years. Nothing has given me greater pleasure than to pick my own herbs...smell their lovely aroma and then come into my kitchen and use them in my food preparation or to make a soothing bath or massage oil for physical healing. I have researched and studied them along the way...but now I want to know experience more... of the ancient tradition and healing wisdom of the natural world...and my journey with herbs.

I feel very familiar and at my heart and in my mind...touching...smelling...and using fresh herbs...perhaps in my another place and time...this was my calling or daily work...making herbal infusions...tinctures and soothing palms for women in childbirth or folks who were ill.

Whatever the case may be...I am feeling that inner urge to reconnect on a deeper love of nature and her gifts of plant medicine through herbs. I know without a doubt that studying herbalism in a much broader scale than I have ever done leading me somewhere that I am meant to not only enrich my life...but to share the knowledge and wisdom of herbs with you too. Because one thing I do know for sure is that the use of herbs...whether in cooking...personal health...or emotional well-being...herbs work...are very affordable...and anyone can hugely benefit from their use.

Including you.

It is so empowering to pursue that nudge within...because of are supposed to pay attention to such intuitive whispers when they happen...and truly trust those gifts of inner whispers...that always lead to new more positive paths...directions...and opportunities. Don't allow your negative mind you out of something that you just the right thing for you.

Just do it. One brave step at a matter how big the task might appear to be..because truth are so worthy of pursuing your goals...and will be so proud of yourself when you achieve whatever it is that you are aiming for.

You have my support,

"Answer July-
Where is the bee-
Where is the blush-
Where is the hay?

Ah, said July-
Where is the seed-
Where is the bud-
Where is the May-
Answer Thee- me-"
by Emily Dickinson

FULL MOON FOR JULY...July 1st and  31st

FLOWERS FOR JULY... The lotus...water lily and jasmine

GEMS FOR JULY...The pearl...and moonstone

TEACHINGS OF JULY...Focusing on goals...and taking time to relax and enjoy life


Ne'er trust a July sky

If ant hills are high in July, the coming Winter will be hard.


The Soul Garden
by Dr. Donald Norfolk


July 1st...Canada Day...July 2nd...11 Palio Siena July 4th...Fourth of July...July 14th...Unity Day Rwanda...July 14th...Bastille Day France


There is something so special about making an Herbal place in your own home...but also to give as a delightful gift to those you care about. Small little bundles of beauty...Herbal Bouquets are perfect for weddings too...for the bridesmaids to carry...or as table settings.

To make your Herbal Bouquet ...gather together fresh herbs in various shades of green...shapes...and textures...including flowering herbs...and then tie with a pretty ribbon. Enjoy!



We all get the itch to fix up ...paint...or redo our homes at some point...and the Summer cycle...seems to be the perfect season to spruce things up. Chemical  free very affordable...easy to use...and comes in so many colors...that there is no good reason for you not to give this wonderful interior paint a try.

Here is a link for you to view this wonderful paint product...that will not harm you...your family...pets or the environment. This paint is organic...odorless and 100% VOC free. .


Warmer weather this month...calls for refreshing...but ever so good is one sure to please.This salad is also quite pretty

serves 2

1 ruby or pink grapefruit
1 small avocado
sea salt and freshly ground pepper
1/2 small fresh red chile...seeded and finely chopped
a handful of fresh cilantro leaves
extra-virgin olive oil

Slice off the top and bottom of the grapefruit. Stand it upright on a cutting board and work your way around the fruit with a sharp knife..cutting off all the skin and the white pith.Now hold the grapefruit in your hand over a catch the juices and cut out the segments from between the membranes...letting the segments fall in the bowl.

Next..halve...peel...and pit the avocado...then cut lengthwise... into thin slices. Arrange on a large plate with the grapefruit segments and trickle on top...any remaining juice.

Sprinkle a little salt...fresh ground pepper...and the red chile over the salad.Finish with the cilantro and a generous trickle of olive oil. Serve at once in chilled bowls.


Take a class this month that will improve your quality of life...and give you a sense of pride. Herb art or writing such a wonderful way for you to expand your life and make it better.

Join a community garden group...growing veggies ...herbs..fruit or even beautiful give to those who are less fortunate than you.