Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Here at Seasonal Living And Timeless Traditions...we believe in celebrating your home...because we know your home is a reflection for who you are...and all the care and attention you put into creating a beautiful haven for yourself and those you love... who live there. We also know that your  home is so much more than wood or stone...brick or mortar... it is your safe sanctuary from the outside world...worthy of harmony...and peaceful balance...as you cross the threshold into your private environment.

Have you ever gone into someone's home...and felt it wasn't quite right? And couldn't wait to leave?That is because a home has energies within it's walls...from those that reside there...and sometimes those energies need to be cleared out and released...to bring more positive and loving qualities into that  home  environment. Your home has energies too...whether from change...illness...a remodel...or other life transition...that you sense... needs to be cleared out and released...to restore a more positive and joyful "sense of balance"...to your home. Whether you live in an apartment...buying a new home...or renting...our "Home Blessing" is perfect for any dwelling.

Seasonal Living And Timeless Traditions has designed a wonderful celebration for you to cleanse stagnant energies within your home with our HOME BLESSING. A Home Blessing is a timeless tradition going back to ancient times...which I find so endearing...nurturing...and so very much needed in today's world. When you create our Home Blessing... you will be creating a  prayer or clear intention for the qualities YOU want in your home and all who reside within it's walls...in a simple...loving and easy format...that we provide for you...in an e-course form.

Included in your purchase of our "Home Blessing" written in easy to follow instructions...you will also receive a fact sheet of ancient facts about Home Blessings...and a document that you can cut out and frame...stating that your home has been blessed. And with your initial purchase... you will have the loving means to begin your tradition of blessing your home...again and again each year or when needed,

To order your "HOME BLESSING" just go to the sidebar on the right...click on the link to Seasonal Living And Timeless Traditions...and then click on the button TRADITIONS.

May your home be blessed,

from a happy customer...Laura Chiaramida

Seasonal Living And Timeless Traditions has created a beautifully written "Home Blessing"! Thoughtful...easy to follow instructions...makes it practical for everyone. This Home Blessing can involve the whole family or be completed quietly by yourself.

I have performed this "Home Blessing" a few times since purchasing Seasonal Living And Timeless Traditions "Home Blessing" and my home always feels lighter...calmer and brimming with positive energy after doing so.

Victoria Silva...founder and owner of Seasonal Living And Timeless Traditions...has created a lovely "Home Blessing" and I cannot recommend it enough.

Friday, September 4, 2015


September is a month of harvesting...and herbs carry on the tradition of culinary use in your kitchen...whether from your own garden...your local farmers's market or fresh organic from your grocery store...be sure to use them in abundance this harvest month of September.

Here then is a easy...simple and fantastic herbal recipe ...for you to enjoy. Great on beef...gratins...veggies...and chicken.

Makes about 2 1/2 tablespoons

2 tablespoons chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
1 clove garlic...minced
1 teaspoon grated lemon zest

Mix together the ingredients and scatter over the top of a dish you are preparing a few minutes before the end of cooking.